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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Cash For Containers Campaign Update

Great news, the Northern Territory will re-introduce its container deposit scheme! And hopefully other states will follow soon!

Dear Cash for Containers Supporter,

A lot has happened in the last few weeks:
  • The good news is that the Northern Territory is now set to restart its 10cent deposit/refund scheme on a firm legal footing after receiving the agreement of all states and territories.  You’ll recall that Coca Cola, Lion and Schweppes won their court case but the Act under which they took action also has an exemption clause – which the NT has now used. So far more than 54 million bottles and cans have been recycled – an achievement no other industry scheme could match.
  • It was also good news after the environment ministers meeting on 11 April which rejected beverage industry pressure to ditch consideration of container deposits.  Instead they agreed to make a decision by the end of June.  It wasn’t what we wanted (i.e., a pro-CDS decision now) but it does allow us to keep increasing our campaign momentum.
  •  There’s been an interesting development on the economic front with several international companies visiting Australia to tell governments they would invest $400-500million creating over 1400 jobs if a national CDS was set up.  Clearly container deposits is good economic news!
  • And just late last week we exposed a litter scandal at Darling Harbour in Sydney.  Overflowing bins and stormwater drains send plastic debris including bottles into the bay – largely because NSW does not have a container deposit scheme.  The situation showed the weakness of the Coke bin alternative (there are over 100) and if the state had a CDS then beverage containers would not be on the streets and the bins would not fill up.   
The next 2 months promise to be busy and climactic.  Thanks for your support and please like our facebook page which has news, videos and audio of the latest developments.

Kind regards,

Jeff Angel
National Convenor of the Boomerang Alliance of 27 environment groups
30 April 2013

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